MarketSeer was founded by a team of top-notch geographers who develop geospatial web applications for commercial use. With the power of inventory mapping, we can streamline your company's supply chain and prevent the common problem of excess inventory.

MarketSeer is a subsidiary of TerraSeer, Inc., which was initially conceived in 2001 with funds from the National Cancer Institute. Our technology was originally designed to study environmental health trends based on geographical location until we realized its untapped commercial potential.

After developing software for Biomedware to assist with cancer epidemiology research, the TerraSeer team decided to focus solely on commercial applications. Our team of geographers made its first foray into the world of retail with Aftermarket Analytics, a company that uses location-based data to forecast SKU-level sales for the aftermarket automotive industry. Our service was so successful we decided we didn't want to limit ourselves to one industry – that's how MarketSeer was born.

We create custom filters within our applications to directly address factors unique to your line of business. Using the most current data available, we estimate the demand for your products specific to each of your retail locations and leverage it with your catalog data to generate the most accurate sales forecasts possible.

Our service will optimize your inventory and distribution methods to ensure you never have a product gather dust in one store and sell out in another. We use state of the art algorithms incorporating variables like lead time, holding cost, and per-product demand, all while accounting for potential errors. We allow your business to operate at maximal efficiency by rendering sales predictions with a paper-thin margin of error.

MarketSeer combines our knowledge of geospatial mapping systems, inventory/database optimization and management consulting to provide sensible data visualization solutions to retailers selling a wide variety of physical products.

Consider a common scenario: A retailer hires a third-party company to provide usable data regarding its day-to-day operations, including information about its supply chain management, inventory size, and market demographics.

However, once they've received this information in the form of graphs, tables, charts, and spreadsheets, only a select few employees can interpret it – thus, valuable information often ends up locked on an analyst's desktop.

Each and every one of a company's employees has a vested interest in its success. Shouldn't there be a way to make this data available to all of them, in a format that allows important patterns to be easily perceived and discussed?

With MarketSeer, these patterns come to life, allowing you to explore the relationships between shipping routes, inventory data, shipping and distribution locations and much more.

  • Affordable
    • Our service carries no per-user costs. Development fees are paid directly by the business and the service is available to all eligible employees.
    • Our pay-as-you-go pricing system allows business owners to try our service without assuming any large, risky investments.
  • Customized
    • MarketSeer can tailor filters and other visual elements to reflect your company's products and lines of business.
    • Upload Excel data to create your own custom heat maps or point data in minutes.
    • Predict SKU-level sales by region with forecasting models developed by our team for your business.
    • Optimize your inventory with recommendations that will allow you to distribute your product more efficiently based on regional demand. Eliminate wasted time and shipping costs.
  • Easy to Use
    • Our service requires no hardware or software. It's a web application with an open access interface. That means anyone in your company can view data on any computer that has internet access.
    • Render your data visually to make difficult charts and spreadsheets usable to employees at every level of your organization.
  • Navigation
    • With the integration of Google Maps in the MarketSeer 2 update, you're receiving the most accurate road and city data available.
    • Location clusters eliminate crowding and can be toggled on and off based on location types, which can include competitor locations, construction sites, distribution centers, store locations, etc.
    • Custom location display includes property details, real estate info, and satellite imagery for each location relevant to your business.
  • Professional
    • MarketSeer's web applications are designed and maintained by a team of highly-educated geographers.
    • We will work tirelessly to ensure our service meets the evolving needs of your company, developing new features for your application as the need for them arises.